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Let’s be real - serving the church through praise from such a young age has been the greatest blessing, but to this day I’m still reckoning with the lies I’ve picked up here and there. I remember being so self-conscious of the pettiest things at church - the way I dressed, smiled, talked - that they became ways that I measured my “worth” in Christian settings. Even this very platform - Instagram, YouTube, etc. - is difficult for me to navigate at times because the entire premise of social media seems so contradictory to soli deo gloria, ykno?

Deconstructing these false narratives has been a pretty painful yet necessary process, during which God is teaching me to seek His gaze on me instead. And through it all, God gently humbles me by helping me realize that upholding any metric that has nothing to do with whether I am walking with Him serves myself, not His kingdom.

Jesus Himself practiced the greatest act of humility by coming in the flesh and dying on the cross. I just want to know His heart, and these days, I’m realizing I literally cannot do anything with myself without Him. And only from this posture will I serve.